What We Do
Happy Children Positive Futures means just that. Parklands will put a smile on your child’s face. We know we’ve got it right when your child comes bouncing in through the door at the start of their session and packs as much fun and enjoyment into their time at Parklands, before leaving deep in animated conversation with you about all the fantastic things they’ve done.

Your child will have their imagination set alight by the stimulating environment and activities on offer at Parklands. Every child’s unique needs will be met by our hand picked team of Early Years Educators, all of whom just love to work with children; to inspire and enthuse them with a zest for life, for learning, for exploration and discovery.

Your child will be welcomed into a confidence building climate where each child may develop independence and positive self-worth. They will be listened to and everything they have to say will be appreciated. Your child will have the opportunity to talk about what they are doing and how they are feeling.

Every child will have access to appropriate toys and play opportunities to enable them to flourish in all 6 areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage. Your child will be able to take part in structured activities, role-play experiences and free play opportunities to help them enhance their abilities and intuition.

Through play your child will be able to develop confidence, forming friendships, social relationships and self-respect. Your child will be encouraged to use his/her imagination through diverse play opportunities.

And you won’t miss out either. You’ll be involved with your child’s time at nursery as much or as little as you like. Of course you’ll hear all about your child’s day, and be given the latest creation to take home and cherish. But if you’re interested we’ll invite you to events and parents evenings. You could come to our Friends of Parklands meetings where we’ll chat about developments at the nursery and seek your views and feedback on what we are doing and where we can improve.

But best of all you’ll know that you’ve made the right choice choosing Parklands for your child and your family – you’ll join the 1,636 happy families that we’ve helped support and we’ll be one child and one family closer to helping 5000 families on the Island!

Are We Right For You?
We are passionate about creating an exceptional experience during your child’s Early Years. One that will last long in their memory, and yours too.
We’d love to help everyone and the reality is that lots of parents like you choose Parklands Nursery, but for some our opening times are not convenient or our fees are outside their budget.

So before you pick up the phone and call Kirsten or Sandra why not satisfy yourself that our opening times suit you and that you can afford the best for your child’s future. Sessions and Fees
We offer a variety of regular session times with no minimum number of sessions per week.
Fees from 1st March 2016:

Session Times All Week Session Fee Individual Session Fee
Afternoon 1pm to 5:45
Morning (with lunch) 8am to 1pm
Short School Day (with lunch) 9am to 3pm
Long School Day (with lunch) 8am to 4pm
Full Day (with lunch) 8am to 5:45pm

Fee Arrangement:
Fees are paid monthly in advance on or before the 1st of every month by Standing Order.
In addition to the session fees you will also be charged a modest monthly compliance fee to reflect the cost of complying with the Government regulations, and our own high operating standards. The monthly compliance fee amount is £8

Registration Fee:
Once availability is confirmed and a place is offered to your child you will be asked to pay a registration fee of £50 to secure the place.

Request A Place For Your Child
We are a popular nursery for those looking for the best childcare at great value for money and we’d love to take care of your precious child and give you Peace of Mind.
Give Kirsten or Sandra a call on 815454 or complete this enquiry form to find out if there’s a chance to secure a place for your child.
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