In case you think we may not be as good as we say we are take a look at all of these fabulous comments from our customers.
"My son thoroughly enjoys Parklands. He feels secure and confident with his peers and the staff. He looks forward to his sessions and seems to fully engage in activities when he's there. This is evidenced by the experiences he talks about and how tired he is by the end of of a busy, stimulating week.
He particularly enjoys swimming lessons and outdoor adventurers. He talks affectionately about the nursery staff and has built positive relationships with both his peers and the staff.
The daily verbal feedback from the staff indicates that they know my child well and understand his needs and interests. It is clear they use that information to enable him to get the best out of his nursery experience. The staff are warm, nurturing, respectful, positive, enthusiastic and fun. This is well balanced with a professional approach.
I would highly recommend Parklands Nursery to anyone looking for a nursery or preschool place for their child."
Verety McKiernan, Ramsey

"I've used Parklands Nursery for over 16 years, for all of my children. I can not fault their care for not only the children, but the family as a whole. Thank you so much"
Alison Fitzpatrick, Sulby

"Parklands Nursery is a nurturing environment with caring staff who really get to know your child. I feel my son is really gaining from the social side of nursery, which has given him confidence. He will start school having the early foundations that Parklands Nursery have set."
Anna Woodward, Ramsey

"We chose Hopes & Dreams, Parklands because we heard great reports about the nursery. It's also in Mooragh Park which is a very convenient (not to mention beautiful!) location. Sidney really looks forward to going to nursery to see everyone and he is learning lots of new things when he's there. I can only praise the staff at the nursery, they are always very friendly and happy to assist with anything.
I would strongly recommend any parent to consider Hopes & Dreams, Parklands as a prospective nursery and pre-school as it really does offer the best for every child. "
Rachel and Paul, Ramsey

"All the staff are lovely and friendly and are brilliant with the children. I'm happy to know my son is being well looked after and educated at the same time.
He loves having his dinner with his friends,it has really helped him socially. The staff are very dedicated and always find time to speak with you."
Natashia Butterworth, Ramsey

"We have been extremely happy with all of the Parklands Nursery provision, the staff are friendly and approachable and nothing is too much trouble. The lunches and snacks are great and our son eats all the meals there really well. Our son really enjoys his day and always talks about what he has been doing."
Cathy Holland, Ramsey

"We chose Parklands Nursery for its excellent reputation and superb location. The staff are great and my son enjoys spending time with them and has formed friendships with other children.
We are kept well informed about his day and how he has eaten etc. The tapestry app is updated regularly so we can see any special moments and read about any events they've been involved with.
My son loves nursery as did my first and I'll be sending my daughter there too in a year or two."
Aideen Collinge, Ramsey

"After having to go back to work full time, I was looking for somewhere my twins could grow and socialise and learn new things. Parklands Nursery has been brilliant in helping the twins settle and teaching them new social skills. I look forward to spending more time with Parklands as the twins grow and learn. The twins love it there so much that on some days they dont want to come home and also ask every day if it is a 'School' day."
Suzie, Ramsey

"All three of my children have attended Parklands Nursery now and I would definitely recommend it.
The staff are very friendly and approachable, they have a lovely rapport with the children and come up with some fun and educational activity ideas and adventure days out!
Nursery experiences are invaluable in the socialisation of children and it is great to see my daughter's circle of friends expanding through attending Parklands, which will inevitably be of benefit in her transition to school.
I know that my child is being cared for in a safe environment and is learning and growing alongside her peers at Parklands - she is happy going in and looks forward to her time at Parklands"
Zoe Chestnut, Ramsey

"A fantastic team who genuinely care for each child and take time to talk to you about their day. Parklands have made our son's move from mainland UK to the island that little bit easier. We've seen a massive difference in how happy he is since joining the nursery."
Lisa Gadman, Ramsey

"I was told about Parklands Nursery by a friend. When my son started he was very shy and timid and didn't really want to join in, the staff were brilliant in making him feel included and within weeks he was joining in and telling me about all the friends he had made.
He is now in his last year and because of the confidence Parklands Nursery has given him he can not wait to start "big school"."
Kellie F, Andreas

"I would definitely recommend Parklands Nursery as it's so warm and welcoming. The staff are fantastic and always have a smile on their faces.
My son loves it and he has taken to all the staff, which is surprising as he is normally quite closed off / clingy to me."
Mercedes Kinrade, Andreas

"Parklands Day Nursery is an amazing place we looked at several different nurseries on the island and finally settled on Parklands.
The ladies are very dedicated, friendly and patient with the children. I am a full time stay at home mum who wanted our son to go to nursery to improve his social skills.
He has a key worker who is with him all times educating him on different topics ie painting, reading, singing, dancing, baking, seasons etc it's brilliant to see his progress.
It's now difficult to get him to leave the nursery because he has so much fun. Thank you ladies for all that you do for us parents, we would be lost without you."
Brenda Collister, I.o.M

"Parklands is a nursery where your child is treated as an individual and the parents are listened to. The best advert for Parklands is the speed my child runs in each morning, to give the staff a hug!! A nursery set in a beautiful park, where the child care is excellent and your child thrives in the stimulating environment."
Mrs Brooks, I.o.M

"Parklands is located in the best park on the Isle of Man. The staff are very friendly, quite often I wish I could stay myself as they feel more like my friends than teachers. The staff very accommodating and go out of their way to help you out.
Parklands has a nice warm feel about the place, it's just a happy place to be.
My son Alfy loves it. Every morning he asks if he’s going to Parklands and gets upset if its a day off!
It's reassuring when you are at work to know that your child is somewhere where he wants to be - it makes going back to work that bit easier.
Knowing that he is being cared for properly and doing fun activities, he comes home with lots of paintings, drawings and crafts which is great.
The diary that Parklands keeps of him with text, pictures and work is a fab idea and when we received Alfy’s it brought back so many memories.
It’s more expensive than other nurseries in Ramsey but you get what you pay for."
Gaynor Scott, I.o.M

"Our three daughters have attended Parklands Nursery since 2007. Olivia settled in well and formed very strong bonds over her time there. She made the transition to school with ease and this had a lot to do with how happily she went to nursery.
The twins currently attend Parklands and love every minute. They have never been upset on me leaving and squeal with delight when we pull up in the car to drop them off! The staff have been very helpful with a milk free diet and they have a hot meal at lunch which is fab. It's a very happy environment for the children to learn & play." 
Mrs Cowley, I.o.M

"Since starting at Parklands Penny’s speech is clearer, more confident and increased vocabulary. Her concentration has improved 10 fold and she loves painting and drawing. She adores the staff. Other parents have commented on how happy Penny is at nursery. She eats well and tries new foods that she wouldn’t touch at home. She looks forward to going. We are both thrilled about how well she is doing at Parklands and very happy to recommend Parklands to anyone. "
Sarah Webster, I.o.M

"I absolutely love Parklands and really cannot fault it. One of the best nursery locations on the Island.
The staff are fantastic, they are very approachable and friendly and Toby loves them all. I can’t thank them enough.
I can tell the days that Toby has been at Parklands as he is content, settled and sleeps well. I am looking forward to upping his hours.
I think the nursery is excellent value for money. I am very pleased to have found a good nursery for Toby and can’t wait for Daisy to come also."
Victoria Liddle, I.o.M

"Kiera loves going to Parklands, her little face lights up when I tell her that Suzie will be picking her up from school in the morning. She has made a number of friends through Parklands who she will continue to see when she starts school. Kiera enjoys all the activities at Parklands especially playing in the house.
She loves to tell me in detail all of the things that she has done during her day.
Parklands has a dedicated team who work so well together, everyone is so friendly, very helpful and always smiling."
Joanna Walker, I.o.M

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